Blu Friday night at the Radisson and a stint at Chief Ngqoko’s

HEY my lovelies – I hope you all had a great week and a weekend just like your Skinnerbek. As you all know, Skinnerbek is a sucker for good things – especially when it comes to style and grace.

On Friday, I waltzed my sexy African behind to the Tabu Grill Bar and Lounge at Radisson Blu Hotel in Summerstrand.

It was the launch of Blu Friday nights and, fortunately for me, it was only per invite. The dress code was glamorous and sexy.

But don’t worry – as today you are free to go and chill there. There was a diverse crew of business people around and it was all glitz, glamour – and don’t even talk about Hollywood drama!

The pozzie was well-decorated and I loved the couches as they gave a warm feel to the whole vibe.

Too comfortable! Skinnerbek nearly dozed off on one of the couches – or is it because age is catching up with me? I hope not.

DJ Mthi kept us on the dance floor with his soulful deep house – not that I am a fan of deep house. Oh, by the way, I thoroughly enjoyed the snacks.

Skinnerbek also went off to Chief Ngqoko’s Place in New Brighton. Firstly, I must say I was impressed by the parking lot, that sported a variety of beautiful cars. Inside, DJ Sanchez from Botswana kept everyone on their feet with his Botswana beat.

He brought along his entourage from Nelson Mandela Municipal University who were all over the place like a rash. However, I must applaud them because they were slickly dressed, which goes to prove that your Skinnerbek has been right all along. You don’t have to wear skimpy outfits to look nice.

Philanyo, the Brazilian, took us down memory lane with his old school kwaito beats.

You should have seen Skinnerbek and her sidekick dancing like mad women. Chrisbeats was in good spirits making sure people were comfortable.

Ladies looked cool in their whistle pants and killer heels, I just wonder how does one dance in those? Even though the weather was not so friendly, some ladies were brave enough to show their stomachs.

I nearly choked on my drink as I spotted an eight- month pregnant mum-to-be. Lovey, what the hell where you thinking, something could have happened there! Till we meet again my doodles, keep those invites coming. Ciao!

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