Night filled with chaos, drama, snide remarks and high heels

TIME to catch up after missing our chat over the Easter weekend. Like any other self-respecting gossip I allowed myself to be dragged by my boys to a night out in the not so plush Aqua nightclub – considering what I am used to.

The club, nestled in the industrial area of the city, keeps late hours and yours truly appreciated this as I had a prior engagement. The club was filled with beautiful boys who were not in the least interested in me as they were also there to see others with not such womanly curves. The club is so snug and I could not believe my ears when they told me the price of my dora.

The music transported me into dreamland, only to be rudely awoken by the killing of the DJ (not really, just his vibes) when the cops arrived for a “spot check” – thank heavens it was short, it was really a buzz killer.

The organisers and the sponsors of the Hobie Nationals pulled out the red carpet for us to watch the competition from the other side of the bay and spoilt us rotten.

The food was amazing with the canapés out of this world, and the cherry on top: a school of dolphins greeting us while swimming next to us.

However, for the length of the cruise, the Jester really needs to add another set of ablutions, remember we women have to always titivate and reapply in the bathroom after every visit.

It is not cute when someone knocks on the door while you are applying your lip-gloss, it could be life shortening if the line were to go the wrong way!

Plenty of eye candy from the sailors too!

Your Skinnerbek – back at Liquid Lounge recently – could not miss Thando Manana who was wearing white pants, a denim shirt and a cowboy hat.

I could smell his cologne from a distance – phew!

Were the other PE guys too broke to go out?

Such a disappointment. I just could not contain myself as some of the ladies were struggling with their pencil heels.

Skinnerbek saw a couple of them changing them annoying heels for flat shoes. I just could not stay long, though. The deep house music reminded me of my bed! Word of advice please. Try and accommodate all your patrons – deep house is not on for some of us.

Because it was a long weekend, yours truly decided to check out the township scene. I rocked up a few hours late to the Miss Gay pageant in New Brighton (which was lucky because the event itself started three hours late), and the vibe was amazing.

It was a night filled with chaos, drama and snide comments – everything that makes a pageant interesting to watch. Your gossip girl sneaked out just as the gloves were coming off.

Since I was in the area, I popped into Chief Ngqoko’s place, where the blind DJ Phobia was playing. Suffice to say, I was only going to stay a couple of minutes but the DJ just wouldn’t stop playing my favourite songs. The guys looked hot (though some could use a bit of Hlasela Mafutha around the gut), the girls were dressed to the nines.

I ended up dragging my tired self, holding my shoes in hand, home at 5am when the DJ went home.

After being uninvited to the Whiskey and Cigar festival, yours truly also went to have some giggles at the Boardwalk comedy club – good idea, however a bad day.

One would think after spending so much money revamping the centre they would have put a proper roof in the venue. At least the jokes and the company I had kept me going. Ndumiso Lindi was on top form.

Referring to the Whiskey and Cigar festival at Mc Arthur’s, a few socialites I know received their invites two days before the first event, only to be told when they responded that the guest list was full. Seriously who does that?

These new PR companies should go back and learn all about public relations. Ciao for now.

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