Being grateful and doing good

Neo Bodumela

IF LEADING from the front had a face, it would be that of Algoa FM radio presenter Briony Sparg. The mother of two spends her days between taking care of her two sons, raising much needed funds for Aurora Special Care Centre and presenting on Algoa FM.

A former finalist in The Herald Miss Port Elizabeth competition, Sparg has been on the airwaves since she was eight and her father was working for Radio Algoa.

Since then – barring a few years in between – she has become one of the station’s most well-known voices on air.

The few years she was off the airwaves were spent travelling and au pairing in England and the US – an experience which she said helped change her world view.

Added to her already busy schedule, Sparg does embroidery as a hobby.

She spoke to La Femme about juggling motherhood and staying true to her spirit of giving over a cheeseburger lunch at Dulce.

I love my job because … I have two jobs, I work on weekends as on-air presenter at Algoa FM and during the week as fundraiser at the Aurora Special Care Centre. I love both my jobs, and am exceptionally blessed to be doing jobs I am passionate about. Working at the Aurora Special Care Centre has been incredible so far, and I am motivated every day to try and raise as much as I can.

Most of our children come from exceptionally poor families, and cannot provide food for the table on a daily basis – let alone paying fees. So getting up each day, knowing that I am helping makes me very happy.

I have a soft spot for … Too many things! The children at Aurora who have crept into my heart in a big way! Chocolate, puppies and kittens (who doesn’t?)

I should have studied … Luckily I studied what I am using every day now – BA MCC. The course has been very beneficial in my role as fundraiser at Aurora. Can’t think of anything else that I would have liked to do.

I’d love to party with … If a party meant sitting down, eating good food and drinking a lot of good wine (oh my, how life has changed since having children!) – then I would love to do that with Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep. I think they would have me laughing all night long, and that would be perfect!

I’m listening to … Florence and the Machine’s Lungs (Florence Welch – the lead singer – has the most incredible voice)

When I was 16, I wish I knew … How much my mom actually did for me! We don’t realise just how much our parents do for us until we become parents ourselves.

I’ll know I’ve made it when …  I have never been too concerned about making it per say, but rather being okay financially.

So I know I have made it when I can pay my bond at the end of the month, send the boys to a good school, have food on the table and never have to worry about where the next meal comes from.

The person who has taught me the most is … My mom – without a doubt. She is the strongest woman I know. Vivacious, funny, kind and beautiful. She is an amazing grandparent as well, and is my rock.

My music weakness is … Kylie Minogue! Loved her since I was about five years old and saw her in concert a couple years ago!

Nothing makes me happier than …

Watching my one-year-old and three-year-old playing together. And the sound of their laughing makes me mushy!

I absolutely hate … Inconsiderate drivers – particularly the ones that ride right up my backside when I am not driving 80km in a 60km zone as they would like me to do. It scares me, and it’s not fair to put my life in danger because of your impatience.

Rude cashiers – I know so many people who would do anything for that job, be grateful. It’s amazing how much better you feel if you just smile, and you never know what doors can open for you – just from being friendly.

I am saving to buy … A holiday – to anywhere at this stage! Just putting the pennies away at the moment

I share my life with … My husband, Mark Heck, my two boys, Hayden and Gabriel, and our dog, Twinkle … and a million ants!

I can’t go a day without … A call to my mom, hugs and cuddles from the kiddos and the coffee my husband makes me every morning (and of course, my hubby)!

In 10 years I see myself … Still working and doing good in the community.

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