Humewood Hotel still as great as good old days of 50c beers

BACK in the days when your half- pint City Slukker was just of legal slukking age (and wouldn’t have been if the key to the pub door was only given to 21-year-olds, as is now being mooted), his favourite pozzie was down on the PE beachfront. Well, as close to the beach as you could get with a beer in your hand.

It was a spot that reminded him of Sea Point, where CS spent his childhood, because of its old world hotel charm (like Cape Town’s Winchester Mansions) – and amazingly enough it’s still there in Beach Road today with exactly the same kind of ambience the slukker remembers as an 18-year-old.

The then Humewood Mansions may have swopped the second part of its name to simply Hotel, but it’s much like it was way back then – and still excellent value on all fronts.

Inflation has done strange things to our currency, but CS likes to recall that you could have a great night out at the Humewood for about four bucks (you would need four times that to buy a single draught today).

The old 375ml lager pint (the slukker misses those, SAB!) cost the princely sum of 50c and after you had enjoyed a few frosties and started getting the munchies, there was a little fast-food section down the main corridor where you could tuck into a huge cheeseburger for just R1.

At this popular tourist hotel with its reasonable rates, the Quarterdeck Bar is, of course, the chief attraction for CS, but then there is also the spacious balcony area which is awesome for lazing around on sunny days to watch the world go by while quaffing on your tipple.

CS’s choice is of course a 500ml Castle draught which is a very reasonable R16.50 (having just gone up thanks to Minister Pravin – it was R15.50 for yonks previously).

The Humewood has also been offering old-fashioned, wholesome and delicious pub fare for a long time. And at the moment from Monday to Saturday there’s a special lunch of the day with a free Castle draught, glass of wine or soft drink for only R65.

There’s a different special every day – advertised on a chalkboard outside – and CS, having sampled a few, can highly recommend them. Mondays offer a tender and juicy beef fillet with chips and veggies. The oxtail on a Wednesday is a generous affair with the melt-in-the-mouth meat as tasty as it gets. And on Fridays there’s a surf ‘n’ turf, where you get to choose two from a choice of steak, hake and calamari. Again, a hearty, succulent affair.

Service is also consistently up to scratch and friendly. Humewood Hotel: (041)585-8961.

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