When good men are taken and rockers have gone renegade

WITH all the wedding events that Skinnerbek is being invited to, she thinks it’s time to start searching for a soulmate!

Last week, I went to the announcement of the winners of The Herald Bride and Groom 2012 competition at Thunzi Bush Lodge. There was no need for your Gossip Girl to dress up all sexy, because all the guys who were there were all taken!

Sadly, a pair of the 12 finalists – Siphokazi and Sibongile Dimbaza – were unable to attend as they were involved in a car accident. Kelly and Stefan Ferreira were announced as the winners and have won an ocean cruise, appliances, jewellery, hairstyling, a photo shoot, flowers and many more prizes. Can’t say I’m not jealous!

On Friday, yours truly went to the Boardwalk where Idols winner Khaya Mthethwa was performing, joined by the four local finalists in this year’s competition – Amanda Antony, Thuba Myeki, Christina Williams and Edward Allen.

You have to take your hat off to the performers – on stage in the middle of the lake a bit of a hectic evening chill.

The surprise of the evening was Idols judge Unathi Msengana, in casual khaki pants paired with a white tee and blue jacket. And those heels, sister, could make a shoe lover cry, so beautiful they were.

Yoliswa Sobuwa, my colleague who I have not seen in a while, had troubles. Girlfriend, those roots and the hair need to be touched up!

Spending time with screaming girls and boys, I was happy to be in the company of my peers for the Centrestage Renegade Rockers.

These guys know how to rock! But my neck got a tad carried away with the Twisted Sister number and I fear a trip to the chiro may be in order. Graham Vass, who used to run the Boardwalk, was celebrating his birthday. His wife looks as lovely as ever. Many happy returns, Graham!

Skinnerbek nearly lost it when she was told not to go inside to where the artists were. I mean, really! Having to stand with security, Skinnerbek was so traumatised … Thank goodness Siyanda from the Boardwalk came to my rescue.

After Amanda’s performance, Idols judge Msengana – who looked pretty in her corn rows – went to the stage and handed Amanda a golden ticket which enables her to go straight to the finals of the competition at Sun City.

She could hardly believe it and her family and friends just could not stop screaming.

Heels became too much for Amanda as she just had to take them off. Girl, you had better get used to heels ‘cos you’re still gonna wear them a lot during your performances.

On Saturday, sub-district manager at the Department of Health Nontembiso Nkathula had a kitchen tea for her daughter, Noluvuyo, in Rowallan Park. The two looked pretty in their cream-white traditional Xhosa gear and the place was abuzz with doctors and nurses.

Skinnerbek loved the traditional Xhosa decorations. Though, for a moment, I thought I was attending a church service with all the preaching that took place.

Noluvuyo received lots of advice from those who are already in the game. Girl, Skinnerbek wishes you all the best and a happy married life.

That was too much seriousness for the day … I just had to let down my hair at Cubana. Firstly, I love the sea view and secondly, the music was out of this world.

Pity there are still girls who believe that to be sexy, they have to wear the skimpiest outfits. I could not believe my eyes when I saw girls only wearing vests as dresses! These are young girls who I suspect are still struggling through high school!

Oh, and those killer heels you love so much, might be dangerous for your health. I am not a doctor, so you might as well ask Lady Gaga what happened to her. Also saw a few familiar faces from Bay TV and bumped into KwaZulu-Natal socialite Nella Ndzeba who is always out and about.

The DJ was right on the point, taking us down memory lane with old-school kwaito and house. He made it very difficult for your Skinnerbek to go and sleep. Who needs to go to gym when there are people like him to make us burn those extra calories on the dance floor?

Ladies, you can still wear your skimpy outfits and look decent. When you feel decent, you feel good about yourself. Next time, If I see you dressing like that I will definitely call the fashion police.

In my day, matric dances were low-key and your mother made your outfit and that was it. Nowadays it’s a million-rand industry with outfits being made six months in advance.

Arriving at the Woodridge matric fashion show, the cars were all lined up to give me an idea of what I should expect inside.

Apart from a few, the dresses were all simple and classic and relatively conservative.

Thank goodness for that! Who wants to see a 17-year-old baring it all except pimply teenage boys?

Lauren, a designer from Sherwood, dressed the girls in age-appropriate clothes – glam and within an affordable price range. Style goddesses are born this way.


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