Food fundi savours tasty blog award

Shaanaaz de Jager

DISAPPOINTMENT at being booted off popular reality TV cooking show Master Chef has turned to joy for a former Eastern Cape food fundi whose food blog has won the 2013 Eat Out DSTV Food Network Best Local Food Blog of the Year award.

Anel Potgieter, who now lives in Cape Town, turned to writing about food out of frustration at not advancing in Master Chef and her blog – lifeisazoobiscuit – was among 30 contending for the top award.

“I am extremely excited and I am sitting with a smile on my face. I am so privileged and honoured. This is so unbelievable. This is a prestigious award,” Potgieter said.

Potgieter started her blog,,less than a year ago and already is reaping the rewards of her hard work.

The blog receives 800 visits per day from South Africans and readers in Germany, Australia and London.

“I have a full time job and I love it, but the blog is my hobby and I am passionate about food.

“The blog is hard work but you must be passionate about food to write quality content for the blog,” she said.

This award is Potgieter’s second victory this year – she was named winner of another TV cooking series, Dinner Divas, in January.

Potgieter, who grew up with three elder brothers in the small Free State town of Wepener said her husband, Rick, and her family were very supportive and happy for her.

“I think they [her siblings] knew they grew up with someone who loved food the whole time. I had this hunger in me, my entire life and the blog was a way to express myself, my passion for food.”

When not experimenting with food or blogging, she is head of communications at DHK Architects and Interior, a Cape Town design firm, and is inspired by “art and colour”. As an example, the colour red may remind her of strawberries, which then become an ingredient in a new recipe.

“I thank the people of the Eastern Cape. Without the public this dream could not come true,” she said.

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