And the ‘hair Oscar’ goes to …

WELL, the Oscars have come and gone and here at the hair desk at least, we have managed to keep our eyes on the “belles of the ball”.

Best long hair goes to Helen Hunt. With all the beautiful hair on show, not all of it real, I chose Helen because her simple waves show that you can still have long hair at 50 and look great.

Best updo goes to Jennifer Lawrence whose simple updo needs to have two things pointed out. 1) it is a lot less complicated than it looks and 2) the soft highlights really accentuate the style. This do would look totally different if it was on dark brown hair.

The other nominees are: Octavia Spencer who again keeps it simple while channeling her new Michelle Obama bangs.

Honourable and dishonourable mentions go to Natalie Portman and Kelly Osbourne respectively for their simple French rolls. Natalie kept it simple and sleek, while Kelly, pins are not supposed to be seen in a French roll! Ask your hairdresser to push them in properly next time.

Worst hair – as usual – goes to Helena Bonham Carter who, if she wins this award one more time, should be allowed to keep it in perpetuity.

I am running out of adjectives to describe her “I stuck my finger in a power socket while applying hairspray with an industrial compressor undone” updos, but it is certainly worthy of a Razzie, the spoof Oscars given for atrocious performances.

Lastly, we come to the best hair award. Yes, I am biased and no, I am not giving it to Anne Hathaway whose haircut undoubtedly won her Oscar for her. Halle Berry also gets an honourable mention, but best hair goes to Charlize Theron.

Coupled with an elegant dress, she looked fantastic and her hair colourist deserves an award too. That simple blonde look is nothing short of brilliant and not nearly as easy to achieve as it looks.

Forget chopped bobs, this is my cut of 2013!

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