High-flyers and jet-setters come out to play in full technicolour

LOCAL and national high-flyers and jet-setters descended on Isango Gate Boutique Hotel last week when hunky lawyers Max Boqwana and Denver Burns launched their company, Boqwana Burns. Ok, I am gushing, but recently I have had the fortune of being in rooms filled with wealth, knowledge and power – and this event was one of those.

MC of the evening – Top Billing’s Simba Mhere – provided us with a hilarious moment by misjudging the depth of a run-off pool, ending up ankle deep in water. Such a gentleman, he laughed at himself. We all need those moments. Créme de la créme of society and business, including the company ambassador Roxy Louw, in a guava dress, were in attendance. I don’t know if they share a stylist with Breyton Paulse as he also pitched up in similar coloured pants. You did not know where to rest your eyes lest you get mistaken for staring or looking at the wrong place but kudos for colour blocking.

On the style side, the men and ladies were rocking the tuxedoes courtesy of Heinz in style. I noticed a few people working the Harvey Specter look (the guy from Suits). Chichi was one of them in a stylish grey wool piece suit as well as Denver himself, who also sported the side-part hairdo. As per Max, the company is filled with privileged, well-educated, and well – hard working – people. Cheers to you on your endeavours!

In other news, it sounds like Gareth Cliff can’t stop coming to Port Elizabeth and gushing about it. Certainly, seems he has finally washed the armpit of South Africa. Oh the joys of growing up and diversifying. He is now a mentor of a group of singers and we all know PE is never short of gold to be discovered.

On Wednesday, yours truly got an invitation to attend the re-launch of Club 100 at the Boardwalk. I felt like a millionaire as I mingled with those ladies. Michelle Brown was such a sweetie pie as she organised the whole function. Also spotted Olga Hafner who is the director of Meridian Wine Merchants. Don’t want to boast but I told you I mingled with the best in the industry. Wait, wait here is another one coming, I got to sit next to Top Billing’s sexy Janez Vermeiren. The guy is not just hot but quite friendly. It was a marvel to listen to him talk about his many trips overseas. Sadly for all you ladies out there, he is taken by a Brazilian model. Phew, you definitely cannot compete with that!

And 10 out of 10 to the chef. The food was yummy.

On Saturday, I bumped into Zwai Bala at Kwa Pat in New Brighton. He looked sexy in a white shirt and black pants. He was in the company of two other guys that I did not bother myself with. I must say, what a sweetie pie dude? He does not mind taking pics with the fans!

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