‘Now all my lekker maatjies can wear it’

Philani Nombembe

FANS of South African Zef rapper Jack Parow now have a chance to “get into his head” and, maybe, understand him better when his signature extra long peak caps hit the shelves soon.

Parow, whose real name is Zander Tyler, burst onto the music scene about three years ago sporting his trademark leopard-print cap.

He said his fans had been inundating him with demands for the caps over the years, and he had given in.

“Obviously I’ve always worn a long cap. So now all my lekker maatjies can wear one too,” Parow said.

“Mine was a leopard-print cap and I really like leopard print… that’s why I made it like that. The caps also come in fancy black. My target market is for everyone, from zero to 100.”

Parow said the caps would be available later this month but could be pre-ordered online. Each cap also has a print of his special autograph.

He said they were made by a headwear company, Flexfit, and would retail for R399 each.

“It has been a long time coming but I couldn’t find a cap worthy to sell to my fans. I finally found the right fit with The Greek Merchant and Flexfit so fans can be cooler than me.”

Parow said he was up for an MK Award in the rock category. The awards will be in Pretoria on March 24. He added that he would be releasing another album next month.

“It’s actually really different and crazy compared to everything else you’ve heard in acoustic, but it’s got the Parow vibe to it.”

Parow also has a braai sauce range called Parow Braaisous bearing the tagline “Sexy Korrek”.

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