Invisible pain inspires best foot forward

WHY me? That is the question I often ask because processing what has happened in the past four years has been the biggest challenge I have faced in life. As a 14-year-old active farm girl, my life came to a halt.

At the age of 11 it all started. During the time of my cycle I would be lying on the floor, in a hot bath, using microwave heat bags and sometimes I couldn’t even talk. The pain I went through is indescribable!

I went from doctors to paediatricians to specialists and then to hospital. I was then diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome in 2010, even though we tried many different types of medication nothing seemed to cure the terrible pain.

At the beginning of last year, I saw a dietician who planned a diet for IBS. It seemed to get worse as I started my first year in high school: the pain was more severe, I was unhappy and I hated school.

At the end of July last year, we hit rock bottom. Within one week I saw two doctors and two surgeons. After quite a few procedures, I was diagnosed with endometriosis and was put on deprovera injections every three months.

I went back to see my psychologist who suggested that because of all I had been through, I should rather be home schooled until I was more confident and my health was up to scratch.

I then had to see a doctor to get a script for anxiety and depression.

Before I was diagnosed with endometriosis I didn’t even know what it was and when explained to my friends and family, they didn’t know either. Unless you have been through it or have it, you won’t understand the pain we go through.

The pain has affected who I am, my attitude and my abilities. It has become a way of life and I often find myself saying to my mom: “I wish you could feel the pain I have and I wish you could understand how I feel and what I’m going through.”

I would like to achieve my goals some day and I keep believing that I will get there slowly but surely. I will not give up!

I have taken my negative feelings about this condition and replaced them with positive ones.

I am organising an endometriosis awareness fun run with the help and support of my wonderful family and friends. It is an open event with no fee.

Our aim is to raise awareness of endometriosis. My goal is to get more than 100 people to join us on that special day and to make it an annual event.

I am not seeking sympathy, I am just trying to deal with the obstacles we face in life.

Just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

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