A weekend of Strictly Come Socialites

THE official opening of the Boardwalk Hotel and Convention Centre last weekend was the one event this year that you as a socialite needed an invite to. 

Well, I missed some kind of memo about wearing red to the party. Friday was hectic as there was the state of the province address in Bhisho, then Oprah Magazine’s Summer Tea Party at The Plantation and boy, was that heavenly.

As soon as guests walked into the chapel they were overwhelmed with treats. O Mag editor Samantha Page had to calm the crowd before making her speech. Luckily for me, the event turned out to be less yada yada and a lot more pampering. The very charming Black Ties serenaded us and it was a pity Buli G wasn’t there for all the entertainment – she had to leave. Like so many, she also had to get ready for the Boardwalk do – except she was parked in by a woman who refused to move her white Nissan with a cracked windscreen.

We all got a stunning goodie bag, apparently worth R1 000 but I would have preferred the Rado watch worth R24 000 in the lucky draw.

But the biggest bang was at the Boardwalk, with fantasy creatures like mermaids and a saxophonist lit up in a giant bubble. The poor mermaid did not know what to do with that tail when everyone scurried to take pictures with her, it just seemed to get in the way.

The sea was dotted with little red dresses, although Boardwalk chairman Bongi Siwisa flew in by helicopter in a biscuit-coloured taffeta and silk dress, finished with regal green beads. Host Kerishnie Naiker, in plunging black and bling, got the lake festivities under way with fireworks and lasers before speeches and dinner at the convention centre.

It looked amazing, divided into three parts: Oriental, Indian and a club scene – and the food was fabulous. The club scene was where you found our dear premier, such a humble soul, and Mama Kieviet can get down with the best of us, twinkling her silver shoes.

Talking about Madam Premier, you might have heard she has challenged her MPLs – you know, the people who warm Bhisho benches for five years and come out to knock on your door during elections – to lose those kilos.

I’m not sure if the team will oblige as they seemed to mumble and grumble when she said so in her speech on Friday, before going off to tuck into some stew and chicken at their VIP lunch.

One thing is for sure, it will be hard to let go of those famous Bhisho buffet lunches.

Ma-Kiviet be warned, there might be no Christmas card from the caterers for you this year, but you are setting a good example as you seem to have shed a few and clearly have more energy.

The politicians really seemed to relax at the Boardwalk party after their long day and no expense was spared, real orchids OPENING SPLASH: Guests (from left) Sibongile Tsiu, Ayanda Makansula and Viwe Biyana enjoyed the lavish Boardwalk opening on the tables, whiskey and crayfish flowing.

PR Michelle Brown started the electric train slide to the sounds of BlackByrd and the whole room swung into action, including businesswoman Tumi Makgabo (remember her from the Nedback ad?) in a black and gold dress.

Thank heaven she has trimmed her dreadlocks. Boy, is she an elegant dancer. Micasa was disappointing, I can never understand why people choose corporate events to try out “something new from their album” because the dance floor died rapidly, to be resurrected by DJ Pete Larkin later.

On fashion alert, Ayanda Makaula looked fantastic in her bling mini dress, while Tanuja Gangabishun chose turquoise. You never see her anywhere but when she goes out she makes a point of looking good.

Natasha Willis also changed from the O tea, one of many in red, showing off that beautiful body while Buli G had a new date, Gerhard. The brother is fine, and they were in matching outfits of silver grey. Please do find me one like him, honey!

Saturday was rugby day at the stadium where the Kings ruled, and then I made my way to Barneys. I think I am getting old or the party lot is getting younger. The boys looked like they were not even allowed to shave, and the girls were so young they were still in their training bras. However, I can understand the attraction, as Barneys has a certain charm and there is always a live act.

Sunday, I made my way to Finnezz – this place is very special for Sunday sundowners.

With their reasonably priced drinks it’s a good place to meet people from the social scene trying to decompress …

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