High-flying Janez makes pit stop for Bay’s Club 100 relaunch

Yoliswa Sobuwa

THERE is nothing boring about Top Billing presenter Janez Vermeiren’s life.

The presenter was speaking at the relaunch of Club 100 at Kipling’s Brasserie at the Boardwalk yesterday.

He had been challenged with presenting a talk on a day in his life.

Vermeiren said in his eight-year career on TV he had never before been asked to talk about a day in his life.

At the event, which was attended by more than 50 businesswomen, Vermeiren said he was the proud father of an eight-year-old son who had changed his life.

“He was the biggest blessing and he means the world to me. I always make sure that I grab opportunities that come my way to give him a better life and I must say I was very lucky I got the Top Billing job,” he said.

He spoke about some of the adventures he had had while travelling around the world with Top Travel.

“I remember when we had to go to Brazil and we did not have a camera guy. We found someone at the last minute, and along the way he kept telling us he was the best.

“We stayed for four days in Brazil and there were wonderful moments but on our last day we discovered that what the guy captured was just a mess and couldn’t be used. We just had to send him back to SA.”

Travelling is not always smooth sailing. He was pick-pocketed in Cuba, and left with nothing. The pickpocket took all his credit cards and bank cards and he did not even have a cent with him.

“It was very difficult. The following day I had to pay $25 [more than R1200] for airport fares and I had to sell some of my valuables,” he said.

Club 100 chairwoman Olga Hafner said that they had taken a break for a year while the Boardwalk hotel was being constructed, as it was their host hotel.

“We are relaunching the club with exciting, fresh and new developments. Club 100 is a platform for businesswomen and community leaders to network and we always invite guest speakers to motivate the ladies,” she said.

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