NMMU goes for global first with online dance

Tremaine van Aardt

THE Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University is at it again – this time on a potentially global scale – with their “NMMU Mass Dance” video clip.

It was recorded yesterday in front of the NMMU south campus library and is scheduled for release on YouTube in exactly a week’s time.

The brainchild of Shireen Knipp, head of the orientation initiative, the clip is being used as a means to promote NMMU’s image as a diverse and vibrant campus.

More than 100 students turned up during their lunch break to enjoy the live music, festive atmosphere and seize the opportunity of possibly going viral on the web.

Head of Arts and Culture at NMMU Michael Barry said he was surprised but excited about the response.

“Our first-year orientation programme runs throughout the year, with various events for all our students to enjoy. Especially for our first years university is a daunting experience at first, and we are trying to create a welcoming campus which embraces diversity.

“To the best of my knowledge we are the first university in the country to do this. And the turn-out has been great, much better than we anticipated,” he said.

The energetic participants kept the beat alive for the hour-long lunch break, dancing alongside their lecturers and peers to the hit song Gangnam Style and the line dance, better known as the “bart”.

The clip, which was recorded from the top of three NMMU buildings, will feature various segments of the entire dance session edited together for the world to see via all major social networks.

Barry said the mass dance would become an annual event to build camaraderie among the students and attract new students.

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