Addo singer gets chance in Texas

Yoliswa Sobuwa

GROWING up on the dusty streets of Addo, gospel singer Mzoxolo Rafani never dreamt that one day he would become an international star.

Rafani, now 22, was asked by South African-born Lumbie Mlambo, who now lives in Texas and is editor-inchief of Equanimity lifestyle magazine, to record a song for a documentary the publication is planning.

It will provide insight into the lives of impoverished communities in Africa and in the US.

Rafani said the purpose was to help impoverished communities and highlight their plight. “When I received a call from Mlambo three weeks ago about the documentary, I agreed immediately,” Rafani said.

“At home, I grew up under difficult circumstances with my mother being the only breadwinner and having to take care of four people.”

Rafani said Mlambo had told him she saw him during the SABC 2 I Want to Sing Gospel competition.

“I have already recorded a song called You are Holy and they liked it.

“It is a song that praises God with a message that we should be grateful for what we have. It is so exciting that people from outside South Africa are recognising local talent,” he said.

Mlambo wrote on her Facebook page last week that she was awaiting a song recorded specifically for the new project.

“I will give you a hint … he is a young rising star. Think Idol. What an honour. So grateful to be in contact with such good talent.”

In the I Want to Sing Gospel competition in 2008, Rafi made the top three with 30000 votes and received a prize of R25000.

“God is truly amazing because through my music I am able to make a difference at home,” he said.

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