Duck in to airy pleasure of laid-back sluk pozzie

TIMING is everything. There are some seriously satisfying slukking pockets on the shores of the Bay of Algoa – but whether you have a reasonably relaxed chill-out or something with far more of a jovial jol factor depends on when you visit these oases.

The City Slukker is often surprised – even after years of lager lingering.

Take the Barmy Army in central’s Rink Street for example.

One of the tiniest sluk-dens in town, Barmy Army has been around since the Cricket World Cup of 2003 – which means it is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year – but it remains a hub of good company and, on a good night, you may just get the added bonus of excellent entertainment.

That happened on Wednesday this week when the Slukkertary-General and CS popped in on what was an unusually quiet night.

Quiet, that is, only in terms of the population at the bar.

Not at all that quiet when it came to accomplished muso Hugo Kleinhans who was serving up melody after melody – anything from the Beatles to Don McLean – and doing it with such laid back and friendly professionalism, that the slukkers present could only sit back and enjoy.

With Claire behind the bar serving the slukking crew ice cold Castle Lite quarts at 20 bucks, it was a great way to spend a mid-week breather.

Another pub on the other end of the size scale and which is always a pleasure to walk into because of its airiness, is The Duck in Mount Pleasant – a cleanly designed suburban bar which has a loyal following, just as its predecessor in Miramar, the Golden Duck, used to have.

Spacious and with very attentive (and plentiful!) staff, you do not have to wait more than a few moments for your sluk order to be taken.

The prices are generally great value and the slukker’s 500ml draught cost a thirst-quenching 15 bucks, which made him a little thirstier, to say the least.

Of course, the airiness inside has a lot to do with the fact that there are no smokers allowed in the interior. Not a problem though. The rokers get even more air because they park off on the balcony section which has great seating and views, and even though CS doesn’t smoke, he enjoys this part of the pub just as much (at least while it’s still summer!)

The ablutions are adequate but perhaps could do with a little more attention more often.

But it’s the sort of pozzie which is ideal for meeting mates after work – especially if it’s been one of those hot and bothered days. This spot will cool you off pronto.

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