Skafrican Brothers set for brewery bash

Lee Meyer

BAY musicians The Brothers will be brewing up a blend of foot-stomping, feel-good grooves at the Bridge Street Brewery tomorrow.

The band hit the ground running in 2010 with a hook laden, light-hearted debut album, Road Trip. We spoke to lead guitarist and vocalist Joe van der Linden about the band’s beginnings and latest happenings.

How did the band come about?

We used to be called The Brothers of Other Mothers, but people kept getting the name mixed up so we shortened it. Our core members have been jamming for years. We’re just friends who love playing, singing, teaching andinspiring.

How would you describe your sound?

A bit of rock, reggae, kwela, pop and funk, all put through the kaleidoscope of free improvisation. We call it Skafrican!

What have The Brothers been up to lately?

Putting the finishing touches to our National Arts Festival show, 99 Skafrican Days. We’re really excited about it. Our sophomore album is under construction too.

What can we expect from the new album?

On the first record we recorded the songs first and then started playing them live, but things are happening more organically this time. We’re recording in multiple locations with a bunch of new instruments.

This won’t be your first time playing at the Bridge Street Brewery – what keeps you coming back?

The whole concept is amazing. We need awesome venues and progressive thinking in PE, and turning a derelict twilight zone into a brewery and entertainment area is that.

What do you make of the local scene?

A few of us have played music around the world and we know that the music scene is tough no matter where you are. PE has a scene, and it’s up to us as musicians and supporters to engage with it.

No plans to leave then?

We’re a PE band and always will be. If the wind should scatter us, we’d change our name to The Brothers from PE. Our music is about being the best you can where you are, in the moment, and inspiring people and making everyone feel a bit better about being where they are in life.

Any tours on the cards?

We’re booked for a festival in Clarens, in the Free State later this year. Port Alfred, East London and Cape Town are all in the works. We’ve also been invited to play for a Russian billionaire’s end-of-year function on a huge yacht in Majorca which is pretty crazy!

Catch The Brothers at the Bridge Street Brewery, Brickmakerskloof, this Saturday from 7pm to 10pm.

Entry is free. Contact the venue for more information: (041) 581-0361.

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