Singer inspired by dad to tell coloured people’s stories

Yoliswa Sobuwa

A FORMER gospel singer who grew up in Port Elizabeth’s northern areas aims to return to the Bay to shoot a music video which will tell “coloured people’s stories”.

Gregory Jaggers, 40, has recorded a dance house track, I Like Her, produced by kwaito star Zola. The single is already making waves in Johannesburg clubs.

“This song is about a lady in jeans. Besides being a dance track, our aim is to sell it to Levi’s for their advertisements,” Jaggers said.

The VIP protection police officer, who grew up in Sanctor, comes from a musical family and has always wanted to sing.

“Growing up in the northern areas was not easy as youngsters were throwing their lives down the drain by using drugs or joining the gang. My father Ivan, 62, who is also a guitarist pushed us very hard to finish school and go to university as he wanted a better life for us,” he said.

Before moving to Johannesburg in 2005 for work, he was part of the Ratutation gospel group.

“We used to sing in functions around PE and also do motivational speaking at schools. Unfortunately I had to leave PE for Joburg. I could not believe it when I discovered that I was staying in the same neighbourhood as Zola. We used to bump into each other when going to the shops or at restaurants,” Jaggers said. “A friend of mine introduced us and by that time I had already started writing my first single. He liked what he heard and decided that we should record it.”

Jaggers previously recorded an Afrikaans song dedicated to his father.

“I am who I am because of that man. The song is about how much I love him and I am also very grateful for everything that he has done for me. The beautiful part is that we are going to shoot a music video in PE [for the song dedicated to Ivan] where we will tell coloured people’s stories in it,” he said.

Next month Jaggers will start recording his 10-track album, which he hopes to release later this year.

Apart from his music, he does motivational talks at Johannesburg schools.

“I want to teach people about the dangers of drugs, the consequences of crime and also the importance of education – something that I would also like to do in PE.”

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