Sharp pointers on ‘mummy’ cuts

“MUMMY” cuts are probably one of my biggest pet peeves as a hairdresser, so, with a new year and the changes it brings, it seems like a good time to deal with them.

I have always liked Alicia Keys’s shorter styles, though I was not surprised to read in a recent interview that motherhood changed her, and part of that was changing her hair. It is a well known fact that women mark changes in their lives with changes in their hair, so before we get wrapped up in the singer’s hair here are my pointers on Mummy cuts:

They should be all or nothing! Either chop it pixie short or don’t bother. My reasoning is simple: As a mother you will be spending a fair amount of time bending over and the last thing you want is to be constantly brushing your hair out of your eyes because it just won’t stay behind your ears. I personally would not recommend Alicia’s short bob, which I really like, to any mum.

Very short styles usually also require less drying and styling.

If you won’t be able to make the time for a four to six-weekly trim, which is also a good way to get a little “me” time, DO NOT DO IT!

You will then end up with one of those grown-out frumpy-mumpy, fruddy-duddy mummy cuts that give the haircut a bad name!

Sometimes, as much as I hate to admit it, ponytails are just easier, so think long and hard before chopping.

On to Alicia’s hair, which is just a very short bob with a cropped nape. It is simple, chic and stylish, with definite ‘80s overtones, which seem to be rather trendy at the moment.

Alicia also adds some variation by sometimes wearing it curly or pinning the sides back, which shows that shorter hair can be versatile!

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