Sweat and spilt drinks add to spirit

AFTER the brightest and sunniest era in fashion this summer, with everyone rocking or breaking the colour-blocking trend, our December party scene brought us clubs with a R250 entrance fee, although we usually pay R30.


Venues were packed with the masses drenched in a mixture of sweat and spilt drinks – oh, ’tis the season to be jolly indeed.

Skinnerbek was shocked that the number of people I expected to flock to the big music concert at Adcock Stadium did not pitch.

The variety of the line-up, however, ensured that yours truly got around to shaking what my momma gave me.

Oh, that boy Ntando is a beauty – it’s just so unfair on the other brothers! He is handsome and he can sing about love. Who can compete with that?

The who’s who of the city descended on the stadium where there was music and festivities for every taste imaginable.

Then it was on to Christmas lunch at the Boardwalk’s new hotel.

What a disaster – with a capital D!

All dressed to the nines, guests – including PR deluxe Michelle Brown, AlgoaFM’s Wayne Hart and Boardwalk chief executive Clifford Ngakane – waited for nearly an hour to get drinks!

In some cases the requested bottles of wine were provided but were so warm that no one could drink them.

Eventually, the chaos was noticed – after a few diners started getting really angry – and the house staff from the hotel were brought in to help.

The food was so-so but really, for R250 a head the table should have been spectacular.

And, to add insult to injury, one of the hotel staff members was clearly not used to waiting tables.

When they cleared the plates away, your very own Skinnerbek felt a thud on her back – only to find an oxtail bone had been dropped off the plate, dirtying her new Christmas threads! Gross, peeps!

Then there was excitement aplenty when your Skinnerbek arrived at the annual Pemads Twelfth Night Awards, held at the Little Theatre on Sunday.

It’s fabulous when talent gets recognised – and there was plenty to honour on this occasion.

The musical revue, Timeless and the pantomime, Cinders – The True Story were the productions in contention.

Jerry Fortuin won awards for both creative excellence and production of the year, while Reyn ffoulkes was named best director, Alida Senekal best actress, Bennie Gerber best featured actor in a cameo role, Robert van den Ordel, best actor, and Taryn Benade, best supporting actress.

Well done, guys and gals!

Now, early January brings us into our hangover month: matric results, starting work again and everything slowly drowning out our previous party mindset.

For those who passed matric, what do you do now peeps?

Indecisiveness seems to be the number one trend of this season as the following statements became the reason I wanted to pull my hair out: “I’m going on a gap year”; “I’m not sure what I’m going to study just quite yet” and even, “I’m just going to go au pair for a few years”.

Really? Your parents spent all this money on your education, buying you those little ankle socks for each sport you’ve ever tried, just to go baby-sit somebody else’s offspring?

Rather take that gap year after you have finished your university studies, as your au pairing skills and well-travelled mind mean nothing to the South African employer who is looking for a qualification, plus two years’ work experience.

Do the best that you can for yourselves and for your future – your parents are living their future already and want to help you with yours.

But also remember – if you work hard, you deserve to play hard and that’s why Skinnerbek will be keeping you well up to date in 2013!

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