Stack angling factors in your favour

NEW Year is upon us and we face yet another year with new challenges and opportunities.

An old chap once said to me as we stood watching the rising sun: “another day, another dollar”. Well the same goes for angling. Every day presents another unique opportunity.

If you read the conditions well and prepare accordingly, angling becomes an art with plenty of rewards.

Winds and tides are major factors. Spring tides produce more fish than the stagnant neap tides.

This is only due to the displacement of water that allows the food source hidden below to become dislodged and released for the fish to feed on. Go fishing where the waters are working.

Water clarity is also a major factor. The cleaner the water (east wind), the lower the odds are of catching fish.

Bait presentation is still ultimately the key to success in angling. I cannot stress that enough. Leaders of today like fluorocarbons are vital to bait presentation.

If the fish can see the line and hook, it will avoid picking it up. That morsel that you offer the fish must be such that it must not think twice. Baits that release smells are excellent and combination baits like sardine and “chokka” (squid) complement each other.

Experimentation will lead you to success. Baits presented with floatation as their base will not collect “flat fish” as they will be buoyant and be out of their feeding range. At the end of the day, it’s just experimentation and perseverance.

With artificial baits, colours play an important role as well as the action and retrieval speed. Once again perseverance will spice the quest to success.

Generally a white base colour supported by different tinted buck tails such as white, green, yellow, red and orange works well. Usually there is a mood much the same as with natural baits.

One day they love it, the next day there is no interest. The cloud cover plays an important role as the lighter colours are complemented by a brighter sky.

The darker skies require a darker colour choice in your lure. Naturally red tints indicate a wounded fish and attract attention. Some anglers even use super glue and glitter to add extra shine to the lure.

This works especially well on sunny, clear skies. Simply apply glue to the lure and roll it in the sliver glitter. There is a saying that every lure catches once. Even if it is just the angler!

Get advice from the successful lure anglers before you spend that hard earned dollar.

Duncan Phillips, five years of age, wins the catch of the week for catching this garrick, using a white surface popper, which he released at Gamtoos River mouth. A mean feat for such a young man. Well done! Judging by the contributions the artificial anglers are up on the rest.

I wonder why?

It’s not the size of the fish that counts but rather the size of the man v the size of the fish. Look at that expression! This will be a journey of many years for Duncan.

It brings back memories for me of almost five decades. I started out angling in a similar fashion albeit mine was much smaller to start with!

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