Uncle Jumbo’s festive as ever after 49 years

Lynne add–Claxton

CELEBRATING 49 years of bringing Christmas to thousands of children, Uncle Jumbo’s Christmas Party is once again giving children the chance to meet Uncle Jumbo, some of their favourite characters from Enid Blyton’s popular Noddy and the much-loved man in the red suit, Father Christmas.

The Uncle Jumbo’s Christmas Party is hosted by the Rotaract Club of Port Elizabeth along with the assistance of the Rotary Club of Port Elizabeth.

As guests arrived the children and their parents were treated to a tractor ride from the car park to the venue where they were greeted by colourful happy clowns.

Pupils from Port Elizabeth schools’ Interact societies played the role of the clowns.

“They [clowns] are there purely to give the parents a break and play with the kids as well as be crowd control and get everyone to join in the games and cooperate when needed,” Rotaract member Madeleine Smuts said.

Port Elizabeth mom Colleen Laubuschagne, who had taken her daughter Holly, 3, said it was the perfect way to spend the evening.

“We came as a family with friends. It is a great way to spend the evening. My friends also have children and we could chat while the children played in a safe area,” Laubuschagne said.

The evening has a magical feel and reminds guests Christmas is here, with cheery Christmas tunes in the background. Families enjoyed their picnic baskets as children made new friends.

The host for the evening was Uncle Jumbo who kept the children busy for the evening and brought along his friends Noddy, Big Ears, Mr Plod, Captain Hook, Tinkerbell and Father Christmas.

Captain Hook steals the chips Noddy brings for the children and the children apprehend him with the assistance of policeman Mr Plod.

Joe van Rensburg, 4, was as excited to meet Father Christmas, as were all the children. He said he loved getting his gift from him.

Another hit on the night was the sale of glowsticks that gave the children hours of pleasure as the sun set.

Parents can take along a gift for their children clearly labelled for Father Christmas to hand out.

The Rotaract are also looking for any old toys or gifts that can be donated to the underprivileged.

One piece of advice is for parents to remember to pack insect repellant as the pesky insects could be a nuisance.

Uncle Jumbo’s Christmas Party is at the Featherbank Farm in Heatherbank Road in Charlo, opposite The Pink Fig, daily at 6pm until next week Sunday. Tickets are R50 (children) and R40 (adults) available at Computicket. All proceeds go towards Rotaract community projects.

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