Singer wants to be preacher

Yoliswa Sobuwa

“THERE is no dustbin for a human being in God’s eyes.” So says gospel star Lundi Tyamara about his much-publicised battle with drugs and alcohol which, even though he has been clean for 13 years, continues to haunt him.

And, despite having previously exceeded unit sales of one million, he has been going through a bit of a patch, with his latest CD, Ndim Lo, not selling quite as well as expected.

“This is because after all the horrible stories my fans heard about me, they lost hope in me. It would be better if they did not judge me by my past, but by the good things that I am doing,” he said.

“I have not used drugs for 13 years, and I am concerned that all the negative reports about me will affect my two children. I don’t want my children knowing me as a useless person.”

But Tyamara, sometimes referred to as a Bobby Brown bad-boy figure, has never been a quitter, and he is not about to give up now.

Instead, he hopes his latest CD released earlier this year will remind fans of the old Tyamara who first burst onto the music scene in 1999.

“Ever since the release of this album things are looking up for me. It is a 12- track album which kicks off with the title track, Ndim Lo, a mid-tempo song that speaks about my comeback. It reminds me of the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible after they wronged God and they both went into hiding.

“There is also a song called Lomhlengi. This a worship song where I show that God has given me another chance when I was giving up.”

“I believe that everything that happened was God’s purpose to draw me closer to Him and also getting me closer to where He wants me to be. It can be painful sometimes until one reaches the point where they can see it’s all been for a purpose and that is a true moment of beginning and rebirth.”

Tyamara said he was back with gospel music producer and record company owner Tshepo Ndzimande, “the only person who understands me”.

His wish, as he prepared to celebrate his 34th birthday next month, was that God would grant him six more years as he wanted to be a preacher by the time he reached 40 and to teach others about life by using his experience.

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