Walmer eatery like a shoreline in suburbia

THE City Slukker always knows a good spot when he sees one. Especially if he’s seen it before. A few times. And when it happens to be a pozzie that’s in his neighbourhood.

Years ago, it was known as Crazy Zebra (and for good reason, ‘cos it used to get pretty stir crazy at times – bar fights and all).

Then it became known as just the Zebra which was a lot better, since the slukker likes a tamer kind of creature when it comes to sluk-dens.

Then another name change. This time, Hobnob. Still the same outfit interior-wise – but with a somewhat quieter, more relaxed clientele and excellent pub fare in the form of delicious, meaty home-made pies (as well as the plus of value for money sluks).

Well, if you can’t place it yet – then fellow slukkers, you must be living very far from Third Avenue in Walmer where you will now find Caza Tapaz which is as colourful and Mediterranean as any bistro on the Riviera and makes its mark as would a bright striped beach umbrella on a sun-drenched beach (only this shoreline is in suburbia).

That’s partly because the laid-back furnishings of deck-type seating are done out in primary colours of red, blue, yellow and green (which already lends the place a fun, playground feel), but it’s more the super friendly welcome you will receive that adds to the zesty ambience.

The Slukkertary-General and CS were there for the slukker’s birthday so a spot that was as upbeat as this was just the thing to put the slukking team in a festive mood. And with a regular Castle bottle at just R12 and Brutal Fruit at R15, it was as good a starting block as any. The cherry on the top of swift service reinforced that sentiment.

But the best was yet to come, because Caza Tapaz prides itself on its food and here was the really impressive part. Dominic Robnik is the young chef in the kitchen who has trained in Europe and, considering that he’s not quite a veteran of the trade yet, he sure knows how to put together a kick-ass pizza (while also helping out at the bar when needed).

Pizzas are a speciality of the pozzie, but the beef nacho offering (R75) is something you won’t find anywhere else in the Bay and is a spicy, chunky, generous and quite delicious affair which will not disappoint any diner who likes something with a bit of bite (and only just a bit, to tuck into).

The slukker doesn’t usually rave about pizzas, but this cheesy and meaty combo really hit the spot and comes highly recommended as a result.

There is a range of specials, but the 400g T-bone and chips at just R69 is a deal that immediately catches the eye.

The very neat addition to this establishment is an outside bar deck area (which is serviced from the central bar inside), adding an airiness and openness which was absent in the previous ventures.

This is a really different addition to the scope of eateries and pubs in the Bay and the slukker and the S-G can’t wait to get back.

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