Camagwini turns journey into music

Yoliswa Sobuwa

IT has been two years since fans last heard from her and now Camagwini’s much-anticipated album is finally out.

The Afro-soul singer’s latest release is aptly titled Re-birth, following her “death” earlier this year.

Camagwini, whose real name is Siphokazi Buti, said the album was different from her previous work and showed how she had matured musically.

“I have changed in everything from my style to my sound. My album is a mixture of Afro, roots and pop rock. I am doing soft rock which I hope my fans will love, but they should not worry as I still sing in isiXhosa. I really needed a positive change in my life,” she said.

The album has 11 tracks, including an intro. “My fans will find that it is more like a book as I speak about one or two things. The album is about a woman’s journey as she goes to search for greener pastures in another town and experiences problems,” she said.

“But because she knows who she is, she does not give up. The album is inspirational.

“If you are feeling down, you should listen to this album and your spirits will be uplifted.”

Social networks buzzed at news of Camagwini’s “sudden passing” in May, only for her to surface a day after the rumours broke, claiming the news was a sick joke by one of her cousins.

“I was a little bit shocked but I did not take it seriously because dying is life. The way I see things, there is no negative or positive experience. There is no heaven or hell, it is just life,” she said.

“That is why when there were those rumours I did not take them too personally. Instead I went to print and electronic media to apologise for that mistake.

“My fans were not so cruel – they just laughed about it.”

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