‘I want to make a good living doing what I love’

Nomahlubi Jordaan

AWARD-winning pianist and singer Shannon Hope will serenade crowds when she delivers an “intimate” performance in Newton Park tomorrow.

Over the past three years, the 31-year-old has performed at the venue, Music Kitchen, as part of almost every national tour and regards it as one of her favourite South African spots.

“It’s got such a great vibe and the PE audience is always warm and hospitable. They laugh at my bad jokes, which is usually a good sign. This is also the first lunchtime show I’ll be performing, so I’m looking forward to something a little different,” she said.

Hope says the music she writes is personal and always creates a close connection with her fans.

“As always, I’ll be linking songs with a few anecdotes about life on the road.”

She recently accompanied guitar maestro Dan Patlansky on his first acoustic tour around South Africa in September, an experience she said was a “blast”.

“Dan’s acoustic show is something incredibly special. It was an honour for me and a really great change from all the solo touring I’ve been doing.”

With mostly solo performances under her belt, the Durbanite is keen to start touring with a full-time band.

She will also collaborate with a number of artists in the near future.

“I have a new project in the pipeline that I’m really looking forward to which will see me working with some incredibly talented artists. But I can’t reveal more than that just yet.

“My ultimate would be a collaboration with English rock band Muse. I guess the fact that we’re endorsed by the same brand, Kawai Pianos, is a good start.”

Her biggest goal, however, is to build a sustainable career.

“I just want to make a good living doing what I love, which is all anyone could ask for.”

Hope has made appearances at nearly every major festival around the country, including last year’s National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. She was awarded a Standard Bank Ovation award in recognition of “artistic innovation, excellence, the exploration of new performance styles and the courage to open new conversations through the arts”.

The show starts at 2pm and tickets are available at the Music Kitchen at R30.

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