Local designers make fashion waves

Herolene Uithaler

NMMU fashion design graduates have opened their own boutique at No 1 Havelock Square in Central with the hope of making their unique mark in the South African fashion industry.

Lauren Gravett and Samantha Miller started their label Mooi-mooii last year and during the first few months supplied designs to several boutiques across South Africa.

Now, after opening their own clothing shop last month, Mooi-mooii hopes to develop the label and expand the company.

“South Africa’s fashion industry is not easy to break into. We focus on making our customers happy. We believe in organic growth and are motivated to build a sustainable business, not a one hit wonder,” Miller said.

Throughout university, starting their own label was uppermost in their minds.

“We based our final year research on starting a label. I focused on using social media to build and establish a brand, and Lauren focused on setting a brand apart through the use of custom-made textiles. Mooi-mooii emphasises the use of hand dyeing and printing,” Miller said.

“We try to bring in one or two prints every new range to add something fresh and exciting, and we emphasise our colour palette to set us apart.”

Their aim is to sell sustainable, simple, versatile and affordable garments. “Our prices are usually between R220 and R560,” Miller said.

Mooi-mooii designs garments using quality fabrics, mainly stretch for a comfortable fit. All fabrics are purchased from South African suppliers. The brand caters for a wide target market and has been influenced by South African and international trends.

With at least two ranges per season, customers can always expect something new.

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