Long and short of Riri’s ever-changing dos

A FEW years back, one of the “it” girls of fashion was Linda “the chameleon” Evangelista, who earned that nickname because she constantly changed hairstyles and colour.

She said the best time to change your hair was at night because you woke up a new person.

Whether Rihanna subscribes to that ethos or not I cannot say – although Riri has changed hairstyles more times this year than I have had hot dinners.

In fact, we had intended to do a makeover to what was her latest look, the short crop pictured left.

But before we even had a chance to implement our plans, Rihanna once again changed her hair.

Having recently watched a Continuous Professional Development training DVD – no, it is not just doctors who need to update themselves – on a new sectioning method for this style, I was a bit disappointed not to be able to show off new skills. But we need to keep moving with the times.

While this cut is still far from obsolete, Riri has decided to play the extensions game – with a twist. With shaved sides still Hollywood hot property, her undercut extensions provide a new twist on the “I cut my hair and now it’s long again routine”.

It provides ladies who have short hair with a fun way to play at having a longer cheeky style while still being able to revert to the short hair when the sides grow out a little. My advice, however, would be to do the style in reverse by shaving the sides on long hair.

Then, when you get bored with that, cut the crop rather than trying to grow the shaved sides out.

Either way, your hairstyle should be fun and that is something Riri does very well.

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