Come have strong cuppa Tea for Hope

Gillian McAinsh

A YOUNG mother’s desire to help underprivileged babies and children has snowballed into a public tea party on Saturday morning with an invite to other new moms – and their children – to join the charity drive.

Stay-at-home mom Elaine Watson and her rugby-player husband, Luke, moved to Port Elizabeth just more than a year ago with baby girl Noa, and not long after that her little sister Ava – now six months old – arrived.

“Since we arrived back in South Africa from living abroad I have been very eager to get involved in helping underprivileged babies and children,” Watson said.

“Every day I become more aware of the huge need and while I’ve had opportunities to visit various townships, I have been confronted with this very pressing issue – we have so much, yet these children have so little, and therefore we need to do something about it. Simple!”

About a month ago, Watson decided it was time to put her money where her mouth was: “I know that everybody wants to give, be kind and be a part of something good!

“After approaching a few of my friends, things started to fall into place. Everywhere I went, I asked for donations of clothing and toys and day by day bundles came rolling in.”

Overwhelmed by the response, Watson and two of her friends, Farrah Weir and Tammy Foote, decided on a tea party for their friends as a convenient collection point.

“But within days this idea had grown to a large public tea party where ladies from all over Port Elizabeth would gather, have tea and cake, network, and drop off their goods … and so Tea for Hope was born.”

Already, Watson, Weir and Foote have taken toys and clothes out to Motherwell and to Gqebera, and hope this weekend’s event, which starts at 10am, will bring in more items to take to areas in need.

Father’s House in Stanley Street, Richmond Hill, will host the tea in association with the church’s Zanethemba Charity Foundation, its women’s group Silk Cafe and Clamber Club. Guests are asked to bring R10 to cover refreshments, as well as toys and clothing in good condition.

“It will be a fun morning out for children too. They will be catered for and entertained.”

Further information from Watson on 079-444-5666.

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