‘Chain store’ bob flatters most

FASHION houses are not particularly interested in the woman in the street ever wearing their clothes. Why else would a certain house’s size 16 be equivalent to a Woolies size 8? It’s all about unachievable objectives.

Which brings me to hair fashions … Yes, I appreciate that Jennifer Aniston’s cut in Friends was perfect for everyone but I seriously doubt many of you go out wearing one of the high-tension, facelift- inducing ponytails favoured by the fashion industry catwalks.

Thus when the Daily Mail reported that the hit hairstyle of London Fashion Week was model Karen Elson’s sharp bob, I took notice.

Those of you closely tuned to fashion fads will remember that Elson was Karl Lagerfeld’s face of Chanel in the early 1990s. Her look of a carrot-orange, eyebrowless 1920s bob was the hair fashion equivalent of our average reader fitting into a size 0 cocktail dress.

With clothing fashions now starting to reflect that period again, it was with surprise then that I found Elson’s bob to be of a very face-flattering mid-length that – flame-red colour aside – could be tailored to suit almost any one.

In fact, colour apart, I would say it is far more chain store than supermodel!

Perfect for most woman, who want long short hair or short long hair.

It will, if well cut, just fit in a pony, and yet still be short enough that you will not need to spend hours drying and styling it.

It is in essence the perfect, practical length for a busy lady.

As such I would recommend the style for almost anybody even though as a hairdresser I prefer her more extreme first attempt.

After all, don’t we all long for what we can’t have?

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