Risky business of going blonde

IN Hollywood, Natalie Portman has moved over to the light side while over here, with summer coming up, our blondes are once again coming out of hibernation.

If you are already blonde, then it’s easy. However if, like Natalie, you have been either a natural brunette or an undercover blonde, then getting your hair the required four or five shades lighter is going to take some effort.

One of my biggest frustrations with the fact that Hollywood starlets appear to magically change shade overnight, is that it disguises the amount of time and effort it takes to successfully make hair dramatically lighter.

Never mind the salon bills that they will have run up in the process!

I said it last time and I will say it again: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

Hairdressers can struggle to successfully lift colour, so your chances of success are minimal.

I have also noticed that a number of so-called bleach-free colour removers have appeared on the market. I am extremely dubious of these products for the simple fact that not one of the big salon companies make one.

My first piece of advice to people wanting to go dramatically lighter, is: Take your time.

The best bet is to start by adding some lighter streaks and then just keep adding more.

Yes, it is theoretically possible to lighten hair in one application but slow and steady will always give better long-term results.

A fast bleaching action will always cause more damage to your hair.

The use of high-strength activating creams can also lead to them attacking the iron in your hair instead of the colour, effectively rusting your hair and this rust orange colour is almost impossible to shift …

I tell clients who want to strip their hair to book the first appointment of the morning and to be prepared to spend the whole day in the salon.

Lastly, if you are going to be dramatically lightening your hair, be prepared to give it some serious treatments as the lightening process can be rather damaging.

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