A trendy cocktail bar and eatery that’s worth its Salt

MENTION the word salt in the same sentence as a good sluk, and tequila immediately springs to mind, along with both good and perhaps rather suspect recollections of the Mexican monster.

But Salt with a capital S is now associated with a whole range of other sluks that can be found at a pub and restaurant in Richmond Hill in the Bay that goes by that name.

The eatery is one of those few pozzies that has managed to dovetail its dining operations (for which it has already earned acclaim) with its trendy cocktail bar buzz – which forms the centrepiece of the venue – so that the two features are ideally balanced with neither being impeded by the other.

The City Slukker can tell you there are very few establishments that are able to pull off this trick successfully. Invariably, either the menu or the mojitos dominate.

But while tables and wrap-around pub are in close proximity at Salt, both diners and slukkers get along famously.

Indeed, the other night when the slukker and the Slukkertary-General were visiting for a pint, two patrons were having their meal at the bar and thoroughly enjoying their munchies alongside those who were quaffing lagers and sipping on cocktails (of which there are a splendid variety).

It’s much more spacious inside than it looks from the street (where there is also alfresco seating), and its clean interior design with masses of room around the bar counter add to this airiness.

You are in the company of anyone from Salvador Dali and Che Guevara to Jim Morrison and Mick Jagger, who check you out from murals on the wall.

Another big plus is service.

CS has popped in here on a number of occasions and there have always been sufficient numbers of friendly bar station staff to ensure your sluk is in front of you in no time. Please take note, other PE sluk-dens!

A regular local beer will cost you R14.50, which is a bit on the pricey side, but the bonus is that they are ice cold and served in sparkling clean glasses, for which the sluk side of things earns extra brownie points.

Colourful cocktails like a Sky Bowl, a Blue Fishbowl, or a Sex on the Beach immediately set the party mood if you like your sluks loud and proud.

On other occasions, the slukker has also been a muncher and he can highly recommend the unusual but absolutely scrumptious burgers and house specialities like a generous and piquant Thai chilli beef salad and rich and creamy seafood linguini.

Salt is also open nice and early – so that means it’s also in a very convenient part of town to catch breakfast or a cappuccino.

The slukker also notes that the crowd it is drawing at night, who are there to soak up the bar vibe, are generally a mid-20 to young 40s bunch, which means you’ve got a neat mix of sophisticated party-goers who aren’t in the habit of spilling their sluks on your date.

What is an added bonus is a genuinely warm but not overbearing and clogged atmosphere, so even when the spot gets really busy, it retains its vibe. Again, thanks to the roomy bar area.

Ablutions also get top rating. They are clearly regularly checked and are spotlessly clean. But would you believe square urinals?

So whether it’s slukking or dining out, CS suggests you add Salt to your “where-should-we-go-out- tonight?” list.

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