Glowing and flowing

LONGER hair is traditionally the preserve of young Hollywood starlets and teenyboppers – not older woman. In fact, not a week passes without a client saying she needs to go shorter because she is “too old” for long hair … to which my standard reply is: “nonsense!”

Yes, there are limits and definite rules but if you apply a little common sense, there is no reason why an older lady – and I use the term delicately – cannot have long hair.

While not ancient, Sophie Marceau, one of the poster girls for long hair, is at 46 no spring chicken either. She is still clearly gorgeous, this year appearing on the cover of French Elle and in a Dior campaign.

Product placements aside, there are several keys to having long hair as you get older and Sophie is the poster girl for most of them.

  • Consider your hair. If you have fine, limp hair it will never look good long, so please don’t even try.
  • Cover grey. Nothing will make you look older than long, grey hair.
  • Lighten up – in moderation. Just as long, grey or white hair will age you, so long, dark (black) hair will just make you look like a witch.

I would recommend using light brown to medium blonde as a base shade, with blonde highlights to add texture and softness.

  • Trim it regularly. Long stringy split ends look atrocious on anyone, but doubly so on older hair.
  • Add a fringe or some layers. Again, hard straight lines expose and highlight wrinkles, so by adding a soft fringe and layers you cover some and smooth over others.

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