Lira, Mi Casa put some early spring in the step

SPRING is upon us this weekend and what better way to celebrate the blooming season than with dancing, a good cocktail and great company?

Songstress Lira and her hot husband and manager, Robin Kohl, jetted into town on an invite from Greenacres as part of the shopping centre’s Hottest Ticket in Town promotion.

She was a picture of relaxed grace in a pair of True Religion jeans with a turquoise top, suede heels and a yellow jacket.

I joined her for a manicure with Lira coming up with a surprise choice of nail polish – sunset red. I must say, it’s a fabulous shade. After her nails dried, she did what she loves most – interacting with her fans who welcomed her with a huge round of applause.

I faded into the background and watched the diva in action. In any case, I had a pressing date with another hot force that was flying in that afternoon and she was flying out to tape Idols.

Buffed and coiffed, I made my way to the Sinergy Superclub for my date, to watch hot housemusic band Mi Casa and their lead singer, J-Something, in action.

This consummate performer shook his moneymaker and filled the dance floor among the moving bodies. But first things first, the brother is fine and he moves like Mick Jagger – for a white man he’s got rhythm.

Watching Mr Heavenly Sent was bliss but seeing a sister struggling to move because she did not know how to negotiate her high heels, was excruciating.

High heels 101: You wear the shoes in before you wear them to a dance club, especially to a Mi Casa show! You are asking for trouble!

Starry-eyed, I returned to Cubana and the venue was abuzz with socialites. Tim and Hlubi Hewitt-Coleman occupied a prime spot with Khusta and Karen Jack near the entrance with great views.

I was envious of their table, as the host had messed up my table booking and we ended up sitting near a very rowdy hen party. Hlubi was a picture of elegance in a Princess Diana inspired knee-length brown one-sleeve dress with killer heels.

I would have loved to hear the conversation about their talented children, the Hewitt-Colemans about their kids’ marimba band and the Jacks about the New AfroTeens.

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