Girls just wanna have fun with lighter, brighter pixie cut

I RECENTLY read in Elle Magazine online that the most requested celebrity haircut in American salons is Michelle Williams’s pixie.

In fact, one of my clients who attended her old high school reunion, commented how the women with long hair looked so much older.

Pixies are also about as low maintenance as you can get on a daily basis. However, they do need more frequent trips to a hairdresser to keep the cut in shape.

That said, before you all go rushing out for pixie cuts, beware, they are not for everyone.

If not properly considered it is very easy to end up looking like a little boy – or worse.

Actually, as a general guideline, they work better on smaller more feminine faces.

Which brings me to Miley Cyrus’s new crop which has made hairdressing headlines.

Undercut short to the point of shaven round the back and sides with textured length on top, this cut is young, fun and funky but still flexible enough that it could be tailored to suit a more mature client.

Ask your hairdresser to cut the back and sides with a cut throat or scissors over comb as this will give a softer more textured feel than just using good old-fashioned clippers.

Also, ask your hairdresser to cut it shorter in stages. It’s a safer bet.

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