Bottle-wary mothers act

Gillian McAinsh

A PAIR of Knysna mothers have developed a stainless steel baby bottle that has been winning accolades both here and abroad. Friends Jackie Wilson and Annelize Geldenhuys developed the innovative Green.Kid bottle so they would not have to use potentially toxic plastic bottles for their three children, Fallon, Adrian and Ava.

Since then, Green.Kid Stainless has won the Mama Magic Baby Expo product innovation award 2012 in Johannesburg in May, has been endorsed by Cansa as a Smart Choice for parents and shortlisted in the UK’s Practical Pregnancy awards and in the Mother and Baby awards.

“I refuse to use plastic bottles for my children, even when they are deemed safe. I cannot take the chance that in time they will find that they are, in fact, dangerous to their health,” said Wilson. “Green.Kid Stainless offers a truly safe, usable and cost-effective alternative to plastic baby bottles.”

She and Geldenhuys said the reaction had been “overwhelming”.

“Annelize and I can hardly keep up. Our first listing was in Dis-Chem, which was a major step for us.

“We were concerned that perhaps our local market might not be ready for such a novel product but we have been inundated with orders, stockist requests and amazing feedback from moms and dads alike.”

They said they were “very excited” for their launch in the UK later this month, with queries flooding in.

“We have also just given a company in Australia the rights to distribution which means they will be on shelf there soon and we will also be launching in 15 European countries within a year.”

The duo maintain the 100% stainless steel bottle offers parents a safer option as plastic bottles can contain Bisphenol A (BPA), Phthalates, lead or any other potentially toxic or leaching elements.

Wilson and Geldenhuys said that plastic infant bottles, even if claimed to be BPA free, contain countless other types of plastic, which all by nature contain naturally leaching compounds which filter into the milk inside the bottle, especially when heated, frozen or even just scratched.

“Green.Kid stainless bottles offer parents and care-givers a safer option as are they made of 100% of the highest grade non-leaching, lead and PVC free 18/8 stainless steel.”

Designed and conceptualised in Knysna, the bottle are made in China. “It is an ecoconscious factory that manufactures for many of the world’s top stainless steel water bottles,” said Wilson.

The lightweight, durable bottles contain no plastic lining or any other potentially leaching ingredients. They also can convert to a toddler “sippy” cup as the child grows.

Green.kid stainless teats and sippy spouts are made from 100% medical grade silicone instead of plastic.

However, Green.kid stainless bottles are also compatible with most leading teat and sippy spouts brands to further save costs when switching from plastic bottles.

“The only thing you can’t do with a Green.Kid bottle is microwave it. However we, like most moms, would not ever consider using a microwave to heat our babies’ milk!

“We intend to replace every plastic baby item with a safe and green alternative. Watch this space for stainless steel bowls, plates, lunch boxes and more! We even have an interesting idea for a plastic free dummy!

“Sometimes we just look at each other in disbelief as to how well it has taken off in such a short time!”

The metal bottles retail at R116 for 150ml and R129 for 300ml and are available at Dis-Chem stores and online from

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