From Posh bob to a much better job

FROM one princess to an other – and this one is South African. I wanted to comment on Princess Charlene’s hair when she cut it but something else distracted me but my first comment is that cut was to be entirely expected!

For the men who read this column, the psychologists tell us that women mark changes in their lives with changes in their appearance. Hence a lot of women cut their hair shorter after their weddings.

The cut, which is not unlike the one favoured by Diana but minus the fringe, is a layered graduated bob and sister cut to the Posh bob from a few years ago. It is also much better suited to her fine hair than the longer style she wore through out her swimming career.

My advice if you go for a cut like this is to add some streaks to your colour.

The softer lines of the cut lend themselves to a more textured colour which will in turn enhance the look of the cut.

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