Tricks to achieving Diana snip

Richmond Hill hairstylist SIMON CLARK gives La Femme readers clever ideas as well as good advice on how to pull off Princess Diana’s signature hair

PRINCESS Diana’s hair is one of the most copied hairstyles of the 1980s and late 1990s. In fact, I still get clients who bring in pictures of her.

But whether that will be the case with Naomi Watts’s latest cut in the upcoming Diana biopic Caught in Flight or Diana, depending on which report you read, remains to be seen.

One thing that the pictures clearly show is how difficult it is for a hairdresser to match a picture brought into the salon with the client’s hair. I do not think that Watts’s stylist’s attempt is a particularly good one though. It looks like a “I want to cut my hair short but … so I chickened out halfway!”

So if you feel like a little retro chic, the cut is actually a simple enough one to do.

Just ask for a layered haircut slightly shorter at the back and take a picture to make sure your hairdresser understands the length of the layers well. Then be ready to blow dry.

Styles like this take lots of work with a hairdryer.

In fact, if you have hair that does not like holding volume, you will probably need a perm to help hold it in shape. That and a can of hair spray.

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