Prints add fun to your wardrobe

Linda Sparg

WITH winter here, is it time to ditch your colourful dresses and prints in favour of warm jeans and pants? No, think again! The cooler weather doesn’t have to mean wearing browns, greys and black.

Florals and prints brighten up cold days and they are sure to get you noticed. While others have resigned themselves to wearing muted or dark tones, you will be sure to turn heads if you wear prints.

All right, it has been said that camel is the new black this winter, but you can combine camel with your feminine prints. Wear a camel coat or long, knitted jacket over a dress, for example.

Even summer dresses can be vamped up and accessorised for cold days. Team your summer number with tights and flat or high- heeled pumps or boots and then add layers, such as a cardigan, denim jacket, a warm waistcoat or a mid- or full-length coat.

Use what is in your wardrobe to zhoosh up your dress.

You will be amazed how you can transform summer gear into winter wear if you think outside of the box.

Port Elizabeth is blessed with relatively mild winters, so it is possible.

Don’t forget, you can add a beanie or hat and scarf to complete your look. When the weather warms up again, you just shrug off the layers and wear your dress as is.

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