Dare to bare it all with trendy buzz cut

Richmond Hill hairstylist SIMON CLARK gives La Femme readers clever ideas as well as good advice on how to pull off a dramatic brush cut

IN MY last column I hinted that rumour had it that Charlize Theron had shaved her head. Well, judging by her sudden fondness for hats and beanies, there is some truth in the rumour.

Careful study of her recent photos shows that it is most likely a number three or four brush cut. The back-tobasics style is apparently for her up coming role in Mad Max 3.

Where even I will agree that her present style will be far more flattering than a Tina Turner afro.

With most woman I know wishing they could get away with “just shaving it all off” at some point in their lives, I would offer the following advice:

  • Wait for summer!

  • If you can’t wait for summer, stock up on beanies. Seriously, while this sort of style is as low maintenance as you can get, it is also as chilly as you can get;

  • Don’t do it if you have big ears. The dramatic look of this cut means that it will flatter all the features of your face with the exception of your ears which it will emphasise;

  • Keep it cut regularly. Very short cuts get out of shape in a matter of weeks, so keeping it trimmed regularly is a must. On the plus it only takes about five minutes to cut and less to dry, so it should not take up to much time;

  • Earrings, eye make-up and lipstick are a must. With the style still carrying very masculine connotations, a few feminine touches will always go a long way;

  • If in doubt, toss a coin! This is one of those decisions which could go either way and my advice to clients is always to have fun with their hair. Besides – it will always grow back!

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