Hair tips on how to get a ‘celeb look’

Richmond Hill hairstylist SIMON CLARK gives La Femme readers ideas on how to get your hair looking like the celebs

SINCE growing your hair out has been in the news lately another grow out queen would be Katherine Heigl whose textured tousled bob is both funky and feminine.

It is also proof that the in-between stage can still look good, and in this case is best described as a just-off-the-shoulders layered bob.

Add a smoothing product and dry smooth with a big round brush.

For the final touch, flick out on one side, then add Port Elizabeth’s wind and a skilled photographer.

One query I get really consistently, especially from new clients is “I can’t dry my hair like you do”. So, as most of you are not my clients, here are my tips:

  • Get a decent hairdryer. I know most of you think yours is great but, the truth is, most of them aren’t: there is a reason your hairdresser will spend up to R1000 on a dryer and it is not because it comes in a pretty pink!

First, ask your hairdresser about a decent one. One of our supermarket chains recently had a really good professional make going for R250 so you don’t need to spend a fortune.

  • If you need to use a brush get a decent one. My last big round brush had just over 10000 blow-drys on it, which if you consider that it cost me R360 seven years ago works out to 0.036 cents a blow dry. A decent brush will not only be cheaper in the long run but you will also get a better finish.

  • Still won’t work? Go see your hairdresser and bring your equipment with you. Ask any of my clients who have taken me up on this. It really does help. You bring your brush, your hairdryer and what ever styling aids you are using and get your hairdresser to give you a clinic,

  • Still struggling? Look at your haircut. If your haircut does not suit your hair then you are fighting a losing battle.

  • Unless you have really difficult hair, if you fix the points above you should not be battling. Yes, shampoos, conditioners and styling aids can make it easier but if you have the basics right then there should be no problems.

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