Street savvy in lipstick jungle

Gillian McAinsh

KARATE kicks and a kick-ass outfit can go a long way to giving women more confidence in their bodies, say a pair of Port Elizabeth women offering a workshop this weekend in the seemingly unrelated areas of self-defence and dressing for success.

Fourth Dan black belt karate instructor Alta Mance teaches awareness of rape prevention and self-defence.

“Every woman owes it to herself to at least have some knowledge of self-defence,” she said. “Being involved in karate and mostly teaching children I realised some of the moms would like to do a basic self-defence workshop.

“Dealing with my teenage karate girls also made me realise how women should empower themselves in this demanding world of ours.

“Then we thought it would be of great value to combine this with a finishing touch to their success in the working world by dressing the part. That way they will not only be equipped to look after themselves, but also feel confident about themselves.”

With this in mind, she has teamed up with Nadia van Zyl, of Finesse Finishing School, to present a three-hour “women empowerment workshop” on Saturday in Mount Pleasant.

Van Zyl said she wanted to help women realise their potential, “working from inner to outer beauty”. Her section of the morning will cover:

ýHow to dress for success on a budget;

ýSeasonal colour analysis;

ýDressing for your body type; and

ý10 basic wardrobe items.

“This workshop might become a first step out of that all too comfortable comfort zone into a new and more confident you,” Mance said.

The self-defence component will cover general awareness of protection and basic defence against attacks, “and then if the attacker persists, to counterattack your opponent to the various target areas.”

She said a two-hour session could only cover the basics but “anything is better than nothing”.

“I find many women are oblivious to everyday danger situations and often put themselves in danger without thinking about it.”

Mance, whose expertise is in the Shotokan style of karate, said women did not need to be fit to take part in the workshop.

“It is for all ages from 14 to 114 and they can come dressed as they please as we cannot choose our dress code when attacked!”

The workshop costs R120 per person and will take place from 9am at the Mance Karate Centre dojo in Phyllis Road.

Further information from Mance, 082-253-4431.

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