Loved up Josh Groban fans, political intrigue and travel etiquette make the week

YOUR Gossip Girl has some political titbits to share with you – but first she was  amused to see the crowd at the Josh Groban concert getting a little bit on the side too!
The concert, by the way, was the “bomb” – Groban really pulled a world- class performance.
Your Skinnerbek thinks the picnic set up worked so well, but it  was also a lovers’ freeway, let alone lane!
There was a lot of cuddling and snuggling – something Groban also noticed and made a joke about, expressing the hope that those who were getting up close and personal actually knew each other!
Although his fans said they enjoyed the show and loved the fact he interacted with the crowd, they complained their favourite songs were not played. Oh well, at least we were on his itinerary.
At City Hall, the usual bickering and bantering between councillors led to Lawrence Troon of the ANC digging up some very old bones in a committee meeting that some in the DA would prefer to be kept well buried.
Retaliating to the DA’s Leon de Villiers’s comments about councillor Thembinkosi Mafana, Lawrence said: “At least none of our councillors have been fired for watching porn.”
Excuse me? An irked De Villiers demanded to know who or what he was talking about, as well as an apology.
But Skinnerbek  remembers that it was back in 2005 that DA  councillor Stanford Slabbert was fired from his job as Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism sports officer, after pornographic material was discovered on his work computer. At the time, Slabbert said the porn in question was a single unsolicited e-mail that he had received, but had failed to delete.
Skinnerbek guesses skeletons (or naked people) can always come back to haunt you.
Going abroad can often produce a broad smile – and then some. But in the case of East Cape Local Government MEC Mlibo Qoboshiyane – on a recent trip to China for Brics discussions – the man was positively ecstatic over the experience.
Facebook postings from the first couple of hours of his trip  – which were literally minutes apart –  provide some idea of his excitement, awe and his quick course in Chinese culture.
“What I can say, the people here are working, productive, time conscious, love their country!”
“The weakest soup I [have] ever seen in my life.  Gosh! I am watching with keen interest the DOG stew, by the look of things anything is possible.” (with posted picture of a Chinese soup dish)
“Western gestures are a taboo in China …  Pointing the index finger – rather use the open hand instead.”
“Listen to this guys, dining & entertaining etiquette: Guest should sample all the dishes and leave something on the plate at the end of the meal. A clean plate indicates that you are still hungry and it is the host’s responsibility to see that you are continually served food and drink.”
“Chinese etiquette requires that a person decline a gift, invitation and other offerings two or three times before accepting. It is expected that a giver will persist, gently until a gift is accepted. Be sensitive to genuine refusals.”
You go, Mlibo – you should be writing a travel blog!

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