It’s football fever and all that jazz to cap off the week

ALL roads led to the Nelson Mandela Stadium  on Saturday as Skinnerbek and her mates joined thousands of other soccer fans  who swarmed into  the venue to watch our boys in green and gold take on Ivory Coast in the annual Nelson Mandela Challenge.
More than 27000 peeps were there  and the atmosphere was electric. For Skinnerbek, it felt like the World Cup all over again. It was feel good time!
Your keenly kitted out Gossip Girl had dressed warmly ’cos let’s face it, it has not actually been weather for summer lovin’ just yet.
 But jackets, coats and windbreakers were  peeled  off as the sun’s rays beat down. (It had been wet, wet, wet earlier in the day!)
The game itself was a tight one and Bafana Bafana had an army of vuvuzela-trumpeting spectators right behind them all the way, while a few splashes of Ivory Coast orange support broke up the rolling sea of green jerseys and banners.
Skinnerbek was impressed at  how well-behaved the crowd was – something you don’t see at matches in some parts of the world.
And at the end, it was the easiest hop, skip and a jump to exit.
Later, it was time for our boys to have a bit of a jol and wet their whistles at the Protea Marine, where our mayor Zanoxolo Wayile joined them in singing freedom songs and gave  them a solid 10-minute pep talk.
The Bafana beefcakes  also checked out some sultry talent as some gorgeous ladies milled about at the party – you know what all that sweating it out in a tough game can do to a man!
There seemed to be no limit on the bar tab and everybody present seemed to be pretty thirsty – and by that Skinnerbek means three- bottles-of-Jack-Daniels thirsty!
Another great  event was the jazz concert at Red Location Museum which was  celebrating its fifth birthday.
Superb  jazzman  Feya Faku  enchanted patrons with his smooth as velvet performance. 
If you missed it, you can always catch him this weekend performing with the MoJazz Band in New Brighton’s Nangoza Jebe Hall.

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