Pet expo for animal lovers in PE

PORT Elizabeth will be treated to its first Pet Expo next month in Walmer, where two women aim to show pet owners how to  communicate with their pets and even read their pets’ minds.
This one-day event will be held on Saturday 5 November, at DF Malherbe High School, tickets on sale from 9am till 4pm.
The idea for the expo was born out of a casual conversation between pet owners Liza Vermaak and Bernadette Meistre who met last year when Meistre attended one of “horse whisperer” Vermaak’s animal communication courses.
When they realised how much they had in common on the subject of animals, the pair decided to stage a pet expo.
“Whether it’s a dog, cat, fish, bird or reptile, the expo will provide an opportunity to shop for products for your pet, but the target of the expo is to bring together like-minded people and their furry, feathery and/or scaly friends,”  Vermaak said.
“ The World of Dogs and Cats Pet Expo held annually is only featured in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg leaving Port Elizabeth with no expo of this kind.”
Massage therapist and Pilates  instructor Vermaak and IT company employee and photographer Meistre both want to host an event that will motivate, inspire and captivate the public to be more educated about animals and having fun while learning.
A variety of pet-related exhibitors, local and national, will showcase their products and  services at the expo.
 Pet products, supplies and accessories, representatives from breeder clubs, veterinary and medical services, and pet adoption agencies will be there.
“Our demonstrations include dog dancing, agility and obedience as well as a snake demonstration. We will also be holding a fun dog and cat competition,”  Vermaak said.
Charity organisations like Animal Outreaches will be doing a pet competition prior to the event where the audience is asked to bring in their pet’s picture and fill in a form to qualify.
“The cat and unique pet competition is a photo competition which has been launched. People may take a photo of their cat in the act of something naughty or funny or a photo of themselves with a unique pet and give it in to pet shops before the 27th October. Or bring your dog to the expo and enter our dog competition on the day of the expo.” Meistre said animals. on  leash were welcome. , so long as they were on a leash. “We encourage pets to join the family on this outing but insist thatOwners must take responsibility for their pets’ behaviour and mess. Pets must be on a leash and in control at all times. We also reserve the right to ask anyone to leave due to misconduct along with a hefty fine payable immediately.”
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