Sea of boas, bangles, baubles and big hair in the Bay

OOH la la! It was party, party, party in the Bay last weekend with so many “gotta-be-there” things happening that even your gallivanting gossip girl couldn’t get to all of them. (And you know how your Skinnerbek can mosey around in seventh gear!)

  But the big jol was undoubtedly the inaugural Gay Pride “Born This Way” parade which – considering it was the very first venture of its kind in the city – was given fabulous support with about 2000 peeps turning out in the Central and Richmond Hill precinct.

  There’s nothing like a pink party to get everyone in the groove. And it was a sea of boas, bangles, baubles, banners, big hair and bare chests that rolled through the streets, making for one of the most colourful carnivals Skinnerbek has ever witnessed.

  Some of the sistas and dudes really know how to put rainbow glad rags together with added chic – and also how to take them off! Eish! Ivo Leo, my man – that was the best impersonation of a naked angel Skinnerbek has ever seen. (And not a bad bod either!)

  And what would a parade be without a little politics – a Rhodes varsity contingent was complaining there were too many straight peeps on the main stage at one point. But hey, who cares? The best thing about this party was that the whole extravagant crowd – all shapes, shades, sizes and orientations – melded into one, which is exactly how it should be.

  We may not be on a par with New York’s spectacular Pride parade yet – but there’s plenty of potential!

  The Northern Arts Festival was another humdinger with an excellent turnout and plenty of good food and talented performers making this one of the Bay’s truly family-oriented outings. And the Little Miss Northern Areas pageant produced some real cuties.

  The New Brighton Wine Festival, the Urban Run, and the official launch of Route 67 added to the Heritage weekend mix.

  The Ashley Pienaar is Kroes show at the Boardwalk on Saturday was also a big hit with his audience and Skinnerbek even got to go backstage to see the comedy king undergoing some hair iron treatment by an assistant – just to make sure his particular kroes style did not get stage fright!

  Ag shame, man. Ashley himself was sooo nervous ’cos – as he said himself – it was his first show flying solo and that is just a tad daunting. But hey, on stage, no sign of butterflies from the main man as he had the peeps rolling in the aisles.

  Come back soon, Ash – you know ‘mos how kroes-friendly the Bay-enaars are now!

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