Women go wild and shed a tear for velvet-voiced ladies’ man James Blunt

WITH his boyish looks and such a cutesy smile, James Blunt charmed the socks (and possibly some other garments) off a largely ladies loaded audience at NMMU in the Bay on Sunday night.

One of your Gossip Girl’s colleagues was so enraptured with his boy next door demeanour she declared she wanted to take him home and spank him!

But then James is said to be quite the ladies’ man, and the women went wild for the Brit pop icon at the university’s indoor sports stadium.

Eish! Skinnerbek was all eyes and ears for this lad.  He’s a crooner who knows a thing or two about how to seduce a girl with his velvet voice.

And when he launched into The Things My Father Said – well, your Skinnerbekkie was reduced to some tears, I tell you!

It’s the second time  Blunt has been to South Africa and he wondered why he missed us out last time around (yes, we were wondering about that too, Jimmy boy – maybe a good spanking is in order!).

“I must say Port Elizabeth is beautiful and for a small city you guys make a lot of noise!” Well, with words like that, all’s forgiven dude.

With the gents heavily outnumbered in the audience, it’s a shame there weren’t more facilities for the ladies … queues at the cloakrooms were decidedly off-putting.

With the Boardwalk conference centre not available right now, many  happenings  around town are  switching to the St George’s grounds, and the South African Council of Shopping Centre awards night was quite a hit there last week.

Who would have thought an indoor cricket practice area could glam up so well!

The opening number was by baby-faced teenager Gino-Lee Swanepoel (these boys are getting younger all the time!)

Gino-Lee may be young but he can rock the moves behind the mic, belting out A Special Star at the awards.

You might have seen him in The Herald yesterday. He was the Page 3 pin-up boy and is sure to be a drawcard at the Northern Arts Festival next month.

MC Shaleen Surtie-Richards wasn’t the only lady in the crowd who adored him.

And this veteran of stage and screen still looks buxom in a plunging avocado chiffon evening dress but says she has already lost 20kg on her quest for a healthier new bod.

The performer with the best legs on the night though was definitely that flighty flight attendant Cathy Specific (aka cabaret and comedy performer Brendan van Rhyn) who is anything but a drag.

The fabulous “dolly with the trolley” has a pair of pins that look like they could belong to the Mile-High Club themselves!

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