Dining in the presence of dashing Boks, an encounter so good for a girl to lose her appetite

THERE she was just about to tuck into her medium rare cheddarmelt steak and crispy onion rings, when the “ooohs” and “aaahs” started spreading like wildfire.
Skinnerbek was at the Spur at the Garden Court in Humewood and the Bokke – our boys who had touched down in PE only about an hour earlier – were starting to trickle into the restaurant for
supper.  Your Gossip Girl usually likes to “buck” trends, as you know. But she happily confesses to being at the forefront of one that is sweeping the nation – the huge number of females that are taking a growing interest in rugby. Well, it’s more about the guys than the game really, but who cares?
The dashing dudes that settled down at their table (within a French fry’s throw of Skinnerbek’s spot would you believe!) were all decked out in Omo-white collared shirts and looked as juicy as the rump on Skinnerbek’sher plate, which was now getting much less attention.
Shame, I suppose you can forgive all those waitrons for scuttling off to the celebrity table to get an eyeful. But hey sistas (and dudes!) – the hunky players must have felt like proper little springboks caught in the headlights, when all the cellphones came out and the picture-snapping began. Right up close and personal, nogal!
Hey, but the guys handled it all very well – like Skinnerbek, they are used to getting attention, and it didn’t faze them in the least.
Skinnerbek’s favourite, by the way, was Bakkies Botha – he’s quite a rough edged giant on the field, but he certainly has this cool and mannered gentleman look about him at dinner.
Okay, enough about our boys, what about those Kiwis who they’ll be up against on Saturday?
Let Skinnerbek tell you, it was absolute madness at the airport on Sunday. People were besides themselves with excitement.
Frankly, your gossip groupie was surprised – she seriously did not expect the turnout to be that good – considering these are our opponents!
But the crowds went crazy.
Kids were screaming and everyone just wanted to catch a glimpse of the star studs. I suspect if it were not for the heavy police presence, there would have been a stampede because people were pushing each out of the way just to snatch a glimpse.
Among the favourites was definitely Sonny Bill Williams. And when Skinnerbek chatted to one of the supporters, he was just too emotional to say anything!
Siestog! The dude was even tearful and said he just wanted to cry because he could not believe he was seeing the All Blacks in the living flesh. Now that’s what you call a fan.

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