Wall-to-wall glamour at Miss PE and Style Awards

OUR metro communications chief in Nelson Mandela Bay has earned himself a spanking new name, Skinnerbek has decided: Fancy-pantz!
Not only was a beaming Roland Williams sporting some slickly designed denim rods at the Style Awards last weekend, but was making sure everyone got  to see them with his groovy moves on the red carpet.
He may have come close to alerting the fashion police to a late-night Saturday call-out (often the couture cops’ busiest night) because of the additions of a lengthy tux jacket, wing-tipped shirt and tartan type tie, but the mean-jean jiver redeemed himself with stylish black shoes and those eye-catching fancy-pantz!
They may call you a spin doctor, Roland, but we both know it’s the spin you put into that legwork when it’s party time which is the real measure of a man’s manoeuvres.
Skinnerbek was impressed ’cos there was no doubt the night at the stadium was dedicated to style in both classic and funky approaches.
Everyone who attended dressed to impress and Mandela Bay Development Agency’s Pierre Voges even quoted stylish reality star and fashion guru Kimora Lee Simmons in his opening speech.
It all started rather stiff upper lip (as these things do), but with flowing drinks, snacks to munch on and great music, the peeps soon lightened up and invaded the dance area.
A wardrobe malfunction saw the always glamorous Buli G end off the night barefoot – but hey, she was still style personified anyway in her ultra glad rags.
It was a week for dressing up, your Gossip Girl can tell you. The Herald Spec-Savers Miss Port Elizabeth gala evening was staged at the Opera House last Thursday night – and again, most of those who supported the Dazzling Dozen on their big night made it a dress-up affair.
Skinnerbek was delighted to see some of the guys really putting some effort in here as well – there were some seriously well-
groomed dudes on the mat.
But it was our lovely Nandipa Mnuna being crowned the city’s newest ambassador that was the natural highlight of the night.
Wooah! That articulate accounting student from Kwazakhele may know how to tally up numbers, but she couldn’t possibly work out how many among the crowd were rooting for her – the theatre was one big roar of support!
Well done to Nandipa and all the lovely sistas who made this a night to remember. Skinnerbek was just unimpressed with so many peeps snapping cell-phone shots when it’s strictly forbidden – it’s very distracting when you’re trying to catch all the wall-to-wall glamour and glitz on stage.

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