Miss PE dazzling dozen get some serious grooming in the EC bush

WOW, what a trendy troupe of sistas.
Our newly selected The Herald Spec-Savers Miss PE finalists are game for anything judging by the fun they got up to last weekend.
And Skinnerbek loves the fact that the anything, included spotting stunning game in the bush, studying a game plan, and simply playing games – even if it means fishing jelly beans out of wobbly jelly using only your mouth if you lose!
Say what?
Let your Gossip Girl explain. The Dazzling Dozen were guests at the Kariega Game Reserve for a grooming weekend, ahead of their big gala night at the Opera House next week Thursday.
And from monkeying around in their rooms (with real monkeys, nogal!), to screams of fearful delight at discovering an “intruder”, to talent contests, a sensational game drive (rhino, elephant and loads of lion) and sumptuous meals, they had a ball. And that was just their time out, peeps.
There was also some serious sisterhood going on.
The grooming weekend is aimed at providing pointers as to how ambassadors for a city should act and carry themselves, and so the likes of public relations and style guru Michelle Brown and AlgoaFM’s Carol-Ann Kelleher were on hand to conduct workshops on image and etiquette, as well as microphone training.
But it’s also a chance for this beautiful bevy to bond – and so they share rooms, get  to know one another and have more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Well, that isn’t hard when you have vervets running riot in your room and keeping you company at all meal times in the hopes of some scraps.
But Skinnerbek can tell you it was the talent contest when the gals could really cut loose, and Tracey van Greunen impressed the judges with her wild AC/DC guitar spins. You go, girl!
A game of cards with assignments – like lick ‘n stick for a Jack and a toilet pass for a King – also produced the squeals when losers had to fish “no hands” for those jelly beans or, similarly, locate marshmallow milk bottles in flour. Hey, they were so hungry afterwards, they were happily munching those milk bottles anyways!
What’s more, a midnight fishing trip by one adventurous pair resulted in Caron Strydom catching her first ever fish – a giant kob as big as her forearm. Must be all that training from your brothers, Caron.
But it was left to Andrea Wignall and Elze Vermaak to top the evening.
After going off to bed they came screaming back to the lodge after sighting an “animal”. But further investigation in a passageway revealed nothing more menacing than a cute bush buck. Eish! It was just one bokkie getting to know some others, Skinnerbek reckons.
Your get-around gossip was also delighted to see the Bay’s exec mayor Zanoxolo Wayile getting down and dirty and donning trendy blue overalls to plant a tree at the Missionvale Care Centre on Mandela Day, one of 93 Mandela trees that will be planted in 60 wards.
Amid all the day’s volunteer activities at the centre to mark Madiba’s big day, outgoing Miss PE, Bianca Harper, who was also at the Kariega weekend, and Missionvale’s tireless Sister Ethel didn’t forget it was also a party (in addition to all that terrific community work) by releasing a whole bunch of yellow balloons. And no, not 93 – but about 300.

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