Festival bares it all for Skinnerbek

BRRRR! Skinnerbek knew she was going to need some winter woollies for Grahamstown, but she didn’t think she would need her entire winter wardrobe, did she?
Well, what’s a girl to do? On the first day she made a bee-line for the Village Green to stock up on some scarves and a really cool beanie. And in no time your 3G (Grahamstown Gossip Girl) was fully decked out and ready to uncover the 2011 National Arts Festival.
And wooah! What did she uncover? A naked Andrew Buckland! Seriously,  sistas, the City of Saints ain’t no longer after the appearance of The Ugly Noo Noo (no, peeps, not what you’re thinking – that’s one of Andrew’s most famous shows) in the all-together at PJ’s.
Talk about physical theatre! There should have been some PJs around so that Skinnerbek didn’t have to blush like she did.

But no, it wasn’t quite triple XXX – although Grahamstown was abuzz that one of its most famous sons had finally stripped off on stage in Wreckage, and your fully dressed correspondent wasn’t quite fully prepared for it.

Thankfully, the nudity (some others also lose their kit, so as not to make the Noo Noo feel awkward) is very tasteful and even Andrew’s scene is quite modest (well, sort of).

Gossip girls also love men who make them laugh and there was no shortage of cute comedians. Some of them are even great fathers, now that’s a sure fire way to melt a gal’s heart.
Rob van Vuuren was there. We spotted him having a Thai meal with his wife and their cute-as-a-cupcake toddler adopted daughter.
Algoa FM presenter Viv Bozak – another new dad – had a belly laugh at Rob’s show, which dealt with the dirty details of parenthood.
Then there was another celeb dad, Mark Sampson, who with his newly shorn hair style was almost unrecognisable this year. Good thing, Mark. Take it from a sista’, dreadlocks don’t work so well on a blondie!
Then there’s Siv Ngezi (a yummy brother), David Newton (love the bare-chested poster), Gaätan Schmid (electric blue eyes), Daniel Friedman (new kid, but cute) and all those moody, brooding jazz musicians dressed in black  …  must dash, peeps, so much to see, so little time!

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